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Organic Pigments for Inks

Ink Pigment Red 2, CAS 6041-94-7

We provide colorful and clean ink pigments. The pigments we produce are strictly controlled from raw materials to finished products, so our pigments have quality assurance and stable performance.

The basis for glowing of the ink is the pigment color. First of all, a good ink needs brightly colored pigments. In addition, the pigment color strength directly affects the dosage of pigments during production, thus affecting the cost.
The ink pigments we provide have following characteristics: high gloss, easy to disperse, high tinting strength, alcohol resistance, bright color, resistance to steam, solvent resistance.

We provide color solutions for a wide range of ink suppliers for letterpress printing ink, offset printing ink, gravure printing ink, and screen printing ink, and our application specialists can provide you with technical advices.

Yuhong is a leading ink pigment manufacturer, mainly provides organic pigments with a wide range of color selections. There are other industrial used pigments like yellow pigment, green pigment, blue pigment and orange pigment as colorants. As we use well qualified materials, combined with a lot of production lines and years of experience, we can provide quality pigment powder with custom solutions.