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Organic Pigments for Coatings

Pigments for Paint and Coatings

The organic pigments produced by Yuhong have good adhesion in the field of coatings and have the following features: high gloss, easy dispersion, alcohol resistance, colorful, strong hiding power, transference resistance (transference resistance refers to during the colorization of the products, due to the biochemical effects of plastics and other products themselves, the pigment will transfer to other places where the product should not be dyed. The better the transference resistance, the higher quality pigments.). Due to these characteristics of pigments, our products are very suitable for using in coating processing industry.

Pigment adhesion determines the gloss of the product, and pigments produced by Yuhong can better disperse in the medium because they are easy to disperse.

We are able to provide color solutions to a wide range of paint suppliers for automotive coatings, decorative coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, coil coatings. Our application specialists can provide you with technical advice.

Yuhong is a leading paint and coating pigment manufacturer, mainly provides organic pigments with a wide range of color selections. There are a wide range of industrial pigments used as automotive paint colorant, decorative coating colorant, industrial paint colorant and other protective coating colorant. As we use well qualified materials, combined with complete production lines and years of experience, we can provide quality pigment powder with custom solutions.