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Plastic and Rubber Pigment Red 48:3, CAS 15782-05-5

Plastic and Rubber Pigment Red 48:3

CAS Number: 15782-05-5 EU Number: 239-879-2 C.I. Number: Pigment Red 48:3

Trade Name: Fast Red 2BS-P
Chemical Family: Mono azo


Pigment Red 48: 3 is a semitransparent pigment, it can be applied as:
· EVA plastic colorant.
· PVC plastic colorant.
· LDPE plastic colorant.
· HDPE plastic colorant.
· Polypropylene plastic colorant.

This kind of industrial pigment can be also applied as:
· Packaging ink colorant.
· Acrylic paint colorant.

Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: blue
PH: 6.5-7.5
Oil-absorption Value: ≦50ml/100g
105 ℃ Volatile:≦2.0%
Fluidity: 24-28mm
Residue on sieve :230 mesh ≦0.1%
Average particle size: 2.246m
Molecular Weight: 506.44
Molecular Formula: C18H11CIN2O6SSr
Density: 1.8


Heat resistance:200℃
Oil resistance:5
Acid Resistance:5
Alkali Resistance:5

Yuhong is a professional plastic pigment and rubber pigment red 48:3 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 15782-05-5 and EU number as 239-879-2. The red pigments can be used as industrial colorants for PU plastic, PVC plastic, PP plastic and rubber. Being a Chinese stock company we mainly provide organic pigments with a variety range of color selections. As we have a lot of production lines and testing equipment, we can provide quality pigments with custom solutions for industrial applications.

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