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Plastic and Rubber Pigment Red 122, CAS 980-26-7

Plastic and Rubber Pigment Red 122

CAS Number: 16043-40-6/980-26-7 EU Number: 213-561-3 C.I. Number: Pigment Red 122

Trade Name: Fast Pink E
Chemical Family: Quinacridone


Pigment Red 122 has high tinting strength, heat resistance, lightfastness, solvent resistance, it is suitable to be used as:
· EVA plastic colorant.
· PVC plastic colorant.
· LDPE plastic colorant.
· HDPE plastic colorant.
· Polypropylene plastic colorant.

This kind of industrial pigment can be also applied as:
· Water-based printing ink colorant.
· Corrugated cardboard printing ink colorant.
· Offset printing ink colorant.
· Iron printing ink colorant.
· UV printing ink colorant.
· Alkyd paint colorant.
· Acrylic paint colorant.
· Epoxy paint colorant.
· Interior and exterior wall paint colorant.

Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: yellow
PH: 6.5-7.5
Fluidity: 21mm
Average particle size: 8.15μm
Filtration rating: 2
Molecular Weight: 340.37
Molecular Formula: C22H16N2O2
Density: 1.6


Lightfastness: 8
Heat resistance: 250℃
Oil resistance: 5
Waterproof: 5
Acid Resistance: 5
Alkali Resistance: 5

Yuhong is a professional plastic pigment and rubber pigment red 122 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 980-26-7 and EU number as 213-561-3. The red pigments can be used as industrial colorants for PU plastic, PVC plastic, PP plastic and rubber. Being a Chinese stock company we mainly provide organic pigments with a variety of color selections. As we have a lot of production lines and testing equipment, we can provide quality pigment powder with cost effective solutions.

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