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Organic Pigments for Textiles

Pigments for Textiles

Yuhong provide colorful, high tinting strength, lightfastness, acid and alkali resistance organic materials for the textile coloring.

The pigments we produce have good tinting strength on the textile, which ensures that the color of the pigment itself will be more beautiful. We also focus on the lightfastness of pigments used in textiles for its high requirement of lightfastness performance. Through the feedback from our customers, the lightfastness of pigments has been approved by our customers.

Yuhong is a leading textile fabric pigment manufacturer, mainly provides organic pigments with a variety of color selections. There are a wide range of industrial pigments used as textile colorant for fabrics made of wool, cotton, silk material, applied for products of clothes, pants, bed sheets, curtains and coverings. As we use well qualified materials, combined with complete production lines and years of experience, we can provide quality fabric pigment powder with custom solutions.