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Pigments customization process
1. Customer requirements
Customers can provide us with samples, our engineers will analyze and match the color. Customers can also choose the specific color products by color card, and then provide us with your desired temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, tinting strength and other needs, our technical team is responsible for research and development;

2. Samples production
Our company produces a certain required amount toner in accordance with uniform standards and provides to customers, we produce masterbatch samples according to the customers’ required amount;

3. After confirmed with customer, we will start mass production for pigments;

4. If there are problems which are found in samples by customer, we will reproduce the samples on base of our customers requirements and resend the samples for customers to confirm again;

5. Customer orders
Customers order the pigments as required;

6. Mass production
We will produce pigments according to the orders;

7. Delivery
Deliver the finished products to the designated site

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