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Phthaloyanine Blue 15:0

CAS Number : 147-14-8 EU Number: 205-685-1 C.I. Number: Pigment Blue 15:0

Trade Name: Phthalo Blue(α-form)
Chemical Family: Phthalocyanine


Pigment Blue 15: 0 is easy to disperse and has light resistance. It is suitable for:
· Plastic coloring, including EVA, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PP and so on;
· Paint coating coloring, including acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, interior and exterior wall paint, water-based printing paste, etc.;
· Art paint coloring;
· Metallic decorative ink coloring;
· Rubber coloring;

  • Ink
  • Water-based paste
  • Offset ink
  • Water-based ink
Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: red
PH: 6.5-7.5
Oil-absorption Value: ≦45ml/100g
105℃ Volatile: ≦2.0%
Fluidity: 20-25mm
Residue on sieve: 120mesh≦0.1%
Water-solubility: ≦3.0%
Average particle size: 8.711μm
Filtration rating: 2
Molecular Weight: 576.07
Molecular Formula: C32H16CuN8
Density: 1.5


Heat resistance:220℃
Oil resistance:5
Acid Resistance:5
Alkali Resistance:5

Yuhong is a truthful pigment blue 15:0 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 147-14-8 and EU number as 205-685-1. Being a Chinese stock company we mainly provide organic pigment powder with a large variety of models. There are other industrial pigments like red pigment, green pigment, orange pigment, and yellow pigment, used as plastic colorant, ink colorant, coating colorant and rubber colorant. As we use well qualified materials and full production and testing equipment, we can provide quality industrial pigment powder with custom color solutions.

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