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Naphthol Red 22

Pigment Red 22

CAS Number: 6448-95-9 EU Number: 229-245-3 C.I. Number: Pigment Red 22

Trade Name: Fast Red N
Chemical Family: Mono azo


Pigment Red 22 features high transparency, high tinting strength, and it is easy to disperse, with low viscosity. The pigment is widely used in applications as follows:
· Water-based ink printing coloring,
· Textile coloring;
· Air dry paint, latex paint coloring etc.;

Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: yellow
PH: 6.0-7.0
Oil-absorption Value: 45-55ml/100g
Molecular Weight: 426.42
Molecular Formula: C24H18N4O4
Density: 1.5


Lightfastness: 5
Heat resistance: 150℃
Oil resistance: 3
Waterproof: 4
Acid Resistance: 4
Alkali Resistance: 4

Yuhong is an experienced pigment red 22 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 6448-95-9 and EU number as 229-245-3. Being a Chinese stock company we can provide organic pigments with other colors like green pigment, blue pigment and yellow pigment for customers. We have a lot of production lines and testing equipment, we can provide quality organic pigments with custom solutions for ink printing, textile fabric making, paint and coatings industries.

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