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Pigment Red 31

Pigment Red 31

CAS Number: 6448-96-0 EU Number: 229-246-9 C.I. Number: Pigment Red 31

Trade Name: Vulcan Fast Bordeaux BF
Chemical Family: Mono azo


Pigment Red 31 has features of high transparency, high tinting strength, easy to disperse, low viscosity, it is applicable to:
· Paint coatings printing paste coloring;
· Water-based ink coloring, including water-based ink;
· Offset ink coloring, including rotary offset ink, fast-drying ink, resin ink;
· Alkyd paint coloring;

Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: blue
PH: 6.0-7.0
Oil-absorption Value: ≦50 ml/100g
105° Volatile≦3.0%
Fluidity: 23-27 mm
Residue on sieve: 120mesh ≦0.1%
Molecular Weight: 561.59
Molecular Formula: C31H23N5O6
Density: 1.5-1.55


Heat resistance:160℃
Oil resistance:5
Waterproof: 4
Acid Resistance:5
Alkali Resistance:5
Fastness: 5

Yuhong is a reliable pigment red 31 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 6448-96-0 and EU number as 229-246-9. Being a Chinese stock company we can provide organic pigments with other colors like green pigment, blue pigment and orange pigment for use in ink printing, textile fabric making, paint and coatings industries. We have a lot of production lines and testing equipment, we can provide quality organic pigments with custom solutions.

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