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2B Red 48:1

Pigment Red 48:1

CAS Number: 7585-41-3 EU Number: 231-494-8 C.I. Number: Pigment Red 48:1

Trade Name: Fast Scarlet BBN
Chemical Family: Mono azo


Pigment Red 48: 1 is purple in concentrated sulfuric acid and is blue light red precipitate after diluted.
· As the pigment is bright and have good transference resistance, excellent lightfastness, 240 ℃ heat resistance, which is mainly used for office supplies coloring; PVC, PE, PP, EVA and other plastic products coloring.
· Because of the pigment has good resistance to steam, so that it is suitable for food packaging ink coloring.
· In addition, the pigment can also be used in solvent ink coloring, such as chlorinated polypropylene, polyamide, polyurethane and others.

Physical and chemical properties

Color shade: yellow
PH: 7.0-8.0
Oil-absorption Value: 35-45 ml/100g
Molecular Weight: 556.16
Molecular Formula: C18H11CIN2O6SBa
Density: 1.8


Lightfastness: 6
Heat resistance: 180℃
Oil resistance: 5
Waterproof: 4
Acid Resistance:4
Alkali Resistance:5

Yuhong is a qualified pigment red 48:1 manufacturer, the pigment has its CAS number as 7585-41-3 and EU number as 231-494-8. Being a Chinese stock company we mainly provide organic pigments with a variety range of color selections. There are other industrial pigments like green pigment, blue pigment and yellow pigment for customers. As we have a lot of production lines, combined with plenty of experience and testing equipment, we can provide quality organic pigments with custom solutions for solvent ink coloring, paint and coatings, textile fabric and plastic coloring needs.

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